Adding cheap wireless switches to Ensemble with HKL EasySwitch

Two coloured switches and a USB receiverThe HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch is a great value starter pack of two wireless switches and a USB receiver to plug into your computer.  At under £100 (plus VAT) for the lot you’d expect there to be some limitations but it’s actually a very flexible system. You can change how the switches appear to the PC by changing the mode on the base of individual switches, allowing you to use the setup with a wide variety of software.

To use the set with Ensemble you’ll need to put the switches into Gamepad mode (Modes 0 to 3), setting each switch to represent a different switch. The basic package comes with two switches, but you can add two more to make a nice four switch setup.

Download the block below, import it into Ensemble Designer and start using the EasySwitch for music making and more.

Download “HelpKidzLearn EasySwitch” – Downloaded 1414 times – 30.71 KB