Ensemble software updates – they’re free!

If you’ve not had your Ensemble software updated in a while then you might be missing out on some exciting new features – as well as bug fixes and usability improvements. What you might not realise is that software updates are free of charge.

Depending on how old your setup is and what other equipment you have then we might recommend a visit to do this upgrade. This is because sometimes we’ve changed how Ensemble controls aspects like lighting and sensory equipment, so it’s best that I can be one site to check everything works.

For newer installations, software can be provided by download or we can remote connect to your system (if it’s on a network connected to the internet) to help with the upgrade.

The latest update is version 2.2.217. You can check your version number by looking in the ‘About ‘ window in Designer, Launchpad or Device Manager.

Please drop us an email or tweet to find out more about updating to the latest and greatest version of Ensemble.