Bett Show – Explaining the demos

Ben doing a demoWe’ve just returned from the 2013 Bett Show, where we exhibited the Ensemble for the first time. The reaction was great and we’ve come back full of enthusiasm and ideas.

For those people who visited the stand, I thought it might be useful to outline the equipment we were using and how the demos were put together. For our existing users it should help show how you can make use of blocks including the image/video.

It’s worth me just listing the equipment we had on the stand as a starting point:

  • Compact Lenovo PC
  • Wireless keyboard with trackpad
  • 32″ TV as a display
  • Creative Audio Speakers
  • EnsembleHub
  • 3 standard assistive technology switches
  • EnsembleTag
  • EnsembleDice in a soft play dice
  • Xbox for PC Kit
  • USB-to-DMX Interface
  • Showtec Compact LED Lightset
  • Showtec Mini Moving Head Light

The blog posts will appear over the next couple of days, with each one focussing on a separate map.