Controlling GarageBand

GarageBand is a great piece of software for recording music on an Apple Mac. All you need to do is plug in your instrument, or select a loop, and away you go. It has a large number of instruments and loops built-in, and all are recorded to a high quality. However for live performance, improvising, or for those who cannot use computers or instruments in the traditional way, GarageBand may not quite meet the needs.

Despite working on two different computers (Ensemble only runs on PC), you can still control GarageBand with Ensemble. By connecting the two computers with MIDI cables, and installing GarageRemote on the Apple Mac, you can specify which MIDI notes will perform which action. Change your Ensemble MIDI output, trigger your notes, and start the MIDI listener to decode the information. You can then use this to choose which notes will act as play, stop, forward, and backward in GarageBand.

If you only want to take advantage of the fantastic instrument sounds in GarageBand it’s even easier! Simply select the instrument channel on GarageBand and start sending MIDI notes across.


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