Disabling Skoog in Ensemble

Skoog instrumentWith such a wide variety of alternative controllers on the market we’re keen that Ensemble can work with as many of them as possible. We know that different controllers suit different people and abilities. Occasionally we find a conflict between Ensemble software and other manufacturers equipment. One such instrument is the Skoog.

When you plug in a wired Skoog, it’ll pop up in the Ensemble Gamepad plugin as a ‘SpaceNavigator’. This is because the Skoog is based around a sensor also used in this device. Unfortunately you can’t use Skoog with Ensemble because it isn’t a standard Gamepad device and the information coming from the sensor won’t make sense without the specialist Skoog software.

To ensure you don’t have any problems using Skoog software and Ensemble on the same PC, it’s best to tell Ensemble to ignore the Skoog.

  1. Ensemble Device Monitor iconOpen Ensemble Device Monitor, from the Tools menu in Designer or using the icon in the Task Bar.
  2. Open the ‘Gamepad’ section and click on the ‘SpaceNavigator’.
  3. Change the name of the SpaceNavigator to ‘Skoog’ to help you identify it in future. Type in the new ‘Device name’ and then click on ‘Submit Changes’.
  4. Next, click on the tick in the ‘Enabled’ check-box and again click on ‘Submit Changes’.
  5. You’ll see a ‘Forbidden’ sign appear next to the Skoog in the Gamepad list, rather than the usual tick or cross.

Ensemble Device Monitor