Ensemble at ‘Inclusion not Exclusion’

The Apollo Ensemble took centre stage at the ‘Inclusion not Exclusion’ event run by East Riding Voluntary Action Services. It was part of the display and presentation for the Inclusive Youth Theatre Project.

The club is free to join and teachs skills in dance, music, singing, drama and performance. There are also opportunities to learn backstage techniques including prop making, creating sound effects and recording studio technology.

Jacki Dealtry, Project Manager, said “This is fully inclusive, allowing students from mainstream and special needs schools/colleges to take part. It’s a brand new initiative and something that has never been done before in the East Riding”.

The project has acquired two portable kits, with laptops, Ensemble Hubs, lighting, speakers and a range of Ensemble sensors and switches. Delegates at the event had the chance to play on the kit, triggering sounds and lights with a carnival feel.