IET Music Technology – Webcast

Music Technology Now and in the Future

David M Howard

Any arbitrary sound can be created using technology and of course, electronically created sounds can be used to make music. “Connecting” the player, composer or user into the sound creation system involves the provision of an interface with which a musician can make music in a performance situation. This lecture will consider the needs of the musician in terms of both sound creation, sound modification and sound real-time control and it will illustrate this with interfaces from the past and present as well as some that might well be seen in the future.

You can see the Ensemble in action at the following points during the lecture:

  • 29min – Use of the Dice 
  • 31min – Ensemble connect with four switches used to play drum sounds
  • 33min – Dice playing chords with a slider connected to the Ensemble Hub
  • 41min – Dice used to control a Digitech Vocalist over MIDI
  • 43min – Single switch playing chords in a sequence, controlling the Digitech