I’m trying to use the image/video block, but I just get a black screen. Where are my images?

This happens when Ensemble tries to send the images/videos to a second screen, when screens are set to view an extended desktop. Ensemble talks to the screens by using their numbers, but sometimes the graphics card doesn’t use the numbers you’d expect.

To get this working you’ll need to go the control panel for the graphics card on your PC. You should find a section called ‘Creating and Arranging Desktops’ or something similar. This should show the two screens, with their names and normally a number on them.

  • Right click on any monitor and select ‘Swap’.
  • Right click on any monitor and select ‘Identify’. The numbers should have changed, if not then try again.
  • Once the numbers are correct, right click on the monitor you want as the main display (usually 1, and not the video projector) and select ‘Make Primary’.

You may need to reboot your PC before everything works with Ensemble.

If this doesn’t solve your problem then drop me an email and we can try some other ideas.