Learning Norwegian – Lost in Translation

Thanks to our work with SKUG in Norway I’m finding myself slowly learning odd words of Norwegian. We’ve had changes to the Ensemble software to cope with additonal characters used in names, for example Øyvin; screenshots showing error messages; and even remote connections to their PC’s where I’ve looked for familiar Windows programs and found some very interesting words!

My latest encounter was when SKUG recently added the Gamepad plugin to allow them to use wireless Xbox controllers. Everything was going well until they tried to use the blocks that I’d sent to represent the switches and variable sensors in Designer. Switches worked fine, but an error popped up when they tried to use the variable controllers.

The solution was tied up in the language differences. Microsoft used ‘switch’ in both English and Norwegian, but decided to use Norwegian to represent the variable names. So ‘X-Axis’ became ‘X-akse’, ‘Y-Rotation’ became ‘Y-rotasjon’ and best of all ‘Hat Switch’ became ‘Endringsbryter’.

A few tweaks later and we had a Norwegian Xbox block. I’m looking forward to hearing from other Ensemble users around the world so I can further expand my linguistic abilities!

Download “Xbox Wireless Controller - Variable Sensors (Norwegian)”

Norwegian-Xbox-Variable.zip – Downloaded 959 times – 62.46 KB