Me, Myself and MRI Project Launch – Preview

Today was the launch of the MRI Exhibition at the National Science Learning Centre in York. The morning was spent doing final tweaks to the audio and video tracks, setting levels and then tidying up.

In the afternoon the group we’ve been working with from Archbishop Holgate’s School came in for a preview before the evenings official launch. General impressions were good and there was some interesting feedback about the layout of the pieces. We also had a discussion about how the interactivity worked (see photo), which involved me showing them the Apollo Ensemble map that is running each piece. They very quickly grasped how the Map was put together and how Apollo Designer works – in fact they were questioning why it took me so long to get the exhibition sorted out!

The exhibition map uses some new blocks that will be in version two of the software released later in the year. This includes video and still image triggering, automated faders and mapping blocks. I hope to be writing a detailed explanation of the technical side of the project for the Me, Myself and MRI website later in the year.

In the meantime the exhibition will be giving a really thorough test of the Apollo Runner and the new blocks as it runs the six pieces over the next few months. If you want to catch the exhibition then see the main project website for tour details.