The music plays on…

A slightly emptier control rack

It was a very sad today today as we were called in to rip out the interactive light and sound room at the Gordon Parry Centre in Leeds. Unfortunately the building has been condemned and the Centre, along with all the other arts tenants of the West Park Centre, were given just a few days to clear the site.

The room incorporated a lighting rig with various lighting effects; fixed sockets for wired sensors and switches; an effects unit and microphone; speakers; a PC with Apollo Ensemble; a large touch-screen monitor; black-out curtains; and a whole range of musical instruments.

Although the room equipment is now in storage, the Gordon Parry Centre’s activities will continue.

  • Music Therapy will be held at HEART, the Headingley community centre, until further notice.
  • All three after school clubs will be rehoused at different venues, to be announced soon.
  • Instruments from the instrument library will still be available by request.
  • Bespoke projects will still be available to run in schools or other venues.

It is hoped that a new venue will be found in the new year and the equipment can be reinstalled. Until then the music keeps on playing with a more mobile offering.

Equipment awaiting shipping

You can read about the Gordon Parry Centre and see what the room looked like in our Customer Stories section of the Apollo Ensemble website