Tips from the Dales School

In his interview for our latest customer story, Mike Sissions from the Dales School expresses his belief in music as being of great benefit for the pupils at the school. Along the way he touches on some great uses for the Ensemble.

  1. Find the right sensor or switch to enable a pupil to play. Ensemble presents a range of options.
  2. Develop a link between cause and effect using simple sounds and one-to-one work.
  3. Allow a student time to develop at their own pace. This can take weeks or months, but the reward is worth the wait.
  4. Colour coded switches can be linked to simple scores and cue cards.
  5. Try putting an entire song onto a single switch (using the MIDI Notes block), then work with the pupil to develop the rhythm to play the song. 
  6. Ensemble can be used in drama and storytelling sessions. Use switches to trigger lighting and sound effects for different parts of a story. 
  7. Maps can be designed with more able members of a group. Use a video projector to allow everyone to see how blocks are being joined together.

You can read the full story on the Ensemble website.