Tips from the Gordon Parry Centre

We’ve just publised a customer story on the main Apollo Ensemble website, based on an interview with Diane Paterson and Joanna Winster at the Gordon Parry Centre in Leeds. During the conversation they came up with several hints and tips of their own for using the Ensemble, which I’ve pulled out into the list below.

  1. Use the MIDI Notes and MIDI Chords blocks to allow people to step through popular songs using switches. Either playing the lead melody or accompanying another player.
  2. Trigger images to a screen to help show people in a group when they are playing their sound.
  3. Make use of image transitions to help with timing and reinforce musical phrasing.
  4. Try using lighting effects with children on the autistic spectrum. 
  5. Don’t get hung up on a specific outcome, instead step back and see the benefits in the process.
  6. Make use of the portable technology to move performance beyond the classroom.

You can read the full story on the Ensemble website.