Use the Xbox One games controller with Ensemble

The Gamepad plugin is one of the most popular features of Ensemble, giving you access to lots of different types of input devices – from switch interfaces to games controllers. One of the latest additions to this list is the Xbox One Controller from Microsoft. The controller is an update to the popular Xbox 360 Wireless Controller that lots of Ensemble users are putting to use in music and sensory settings.

XboxOneYou can buy a separate USB dongle to use with an existing controller or purchase a complete pack including a controller.  There is also an ‘Elite Controller‘ with customisable controls that opens up the possibility of adjusting the unit to suit an even wider range of abilities.

The Xbox One Receiver plugs into a USB port on the PC and is automatically detected by Ensemble once the drivers have been installed. Bear in mind this might require a reboot depending on the age of your PC.

The button below provides a pre-made block for you to import into Ensemble Designer.

Download “Xbox One Controller” – Downloaded 1119 times – 31.41 KB