Using an Xbox controller to play the guitar

One of my favourite examples of the power of Ensemble is to use an Xbox controller to play an electric guitar solo.

An Xbox controller is a great sensor to use as it is very ergonomically designed, has many switches and sensors, and a lot of people are familiar with how to use it. It is the last point which makes this such a good theme to use. Most people (myself included!) don’t have the confidence to play a guitar solo, but as soon as you use a familiar controller instead of a guitar they are more than willing to have a go!

A Rock ‘n’ Roll backing track is set to loop continuously, inviting the user with the controller to join in. On the back of the controller are two triggers which, when pressed, will move up and down a Blues scale. I use a Blues scale as I know any of the notes will fit with the backing track at any time.

Because Ensemble allows you to use as many inputs at the same time as you like, you could easily use the other switches to trigger more sounds. For those who are really able to use the controller with ease you could expand the theme by triggering lights, drum sounds, or cymbals.

To use an Xbox controller with Ensemble you’ll need the Gamepad plugin, get in touch to find out more!