Using the Numark Orbit with Ensemble via MIDI

orbitThe Numark Orbit is a handheld wireless controller for DJ’s that features an array of light-up buttons, a large control knob and also accelerometers. It can be connected to the PC using a cable (which you need to do to charge the battery), but it also comes with a USB dongle so that it can operate wirelessly. The unit appears to the PC as a MIDI Input meaning it can be used with a wide range of music software.

If you have the Ensemble MIDI Input Plugin then you can make use of this great little controller to trigger lighting, sounds and images. We’ve put together a custom block and also a custom configuration for the Orbit buttons. Obviously you can use the Orbit with the standard MIDI Input blocks if you want to play around with more advanced options.

After using the controller with a group of children we decided that the ability to change between different banks of MIDI settings could get very confusing. For this reason the zip file in the Resource Library also contains a setup for the Orbit that can be uploaded to the controller using the Orbit’s own configuration software. This sets all the banks to the same settings, meaning that the ‘Pad Bank’ buttons have no effect.

Download “Numark Orbit” – Downloaded 1378 times – 40.48 KB