York Press Business Awards 2010 – The build-up

The York Press Business Awards are tomorrow night and Apollo Creative is short listed in the Best Business and Higher Education category. Judging was about two months ago now, so it all seems a distant memory. Having said that, our work across the education sector continues with any potential award being purely the icing on the cake.

As well as the course just completed at the Scarborough Campus University of Hull (which was developed jointly with the Creative Music Technology lecturer Rob MacKay), we also have the following on-going or scheduled in:

  • “Interactive Technology in Action” Lecture and student feedback session, University of Huddersfield, November 2010 
  • “Practical applications of Creative Music Technology” Lecture, Scarborough Campus University of Hull – December 2010
  • Support for GCSE Design Project – Radio Design
  • Support for A-Level Product Design Course – Bubble Lamp
  • A series of lectures in the Department of Electronics, University of York
  • Continuing work with the Research and Innovation Office, University of York

That’s not to mention some of the bigger, longer term projects I’m not allowed to talk about. Even if we don’t win this year we’ll have plenty to recommend us for next years awards.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow night.