Scarborough Lecture – Pitching and Blogging

Today was the first lecture for the Creative Music Technology Course (Scarborough Campus, University of Hull). Following on from last years successful project, I am acting as the client/consultant for the students as they attempt to produce some exciting interactives for the Rotunda Museum. This year they are working with some more of Clarke’s Charms, helping to show to the public ‘charms of the sea’.

Carved bone Intuit Good Catch CharmĀ (c) Scarborough Museums Trust

During the lectures today I covered two main topics: pitching ideas and blogging. The following links and sites I found particularly useful in pulling together the overview for the students.

Scott Berkun – How to pitch an idea
A great rundown of the techniques to use, including an overview of the classic 5 second (the film Chicken Run – “Great escape for Chickens”), 30 second (Elevator pitch) and 5 minute pitching templates.

TED: Ideas worth spreading
Technology, Entertainment, Design – TED shows how you can get across almost any idea, in as little as 18 minutes. A fantastic, inspirational set of online lectures available for eveyone to watch and be inspired. If you need to get a flavour, then this ‘Best of ‘ compilation will get you hooked.

Garr Reynolds Presentation Tips
Avoid ‘death by powerpoint’ by following these tips for a more ‘zen’ like approach. This presentation tips handout is essential reading.

Present like Steve Jobs
Love or hate Apple, you can’t deny that Steve Jobs has presenting down to an artform. This site has a video that talks you through some of his main techniques.

The result of this project will be a two week installation at the Rotunda.

Next week the students will be pitching their ideas for interactives and creating short videos to send to me. I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.