Scarborough Session – Prototypes Presented

The students at Scarborough today presented their prototype installations to Jan and Ian from the Scarborough Museums Trust, Rob McKay and I. This was the first opportunity for us to see working versions of the systems that the four grousp are designing.

Overall I was impressed by how far most of the groups had got within such a short space of time. It’s only four weeks since we set the assignment and three weeks since they pitched the initial ideas. Most groups had graphics, voiceovers, audio (tunes and sound effects), plus various working interactive elements.

The main criticisms were around the use of language and text. This included voiceovers that used complex words and tricky fonts on complex backgrounds. It’s a common mistake to get carried away with the ‘look and feel’ of an installation and forget about comprehension. These installations need to appeal to audiences from 5 to 95.

The groups are keeping blogs detailing their work on the project, allowing me to keep up to date between sessions. They’ve also been provided with Flip video cameras so that they can put on video clips. The process is very interesting and the students are making use of some interesting software tools. You can visit their blogs by following the links below:

They now have just two weeks before they have to be finished and we get to mark them. A lot of sleepless nights to come. At least this time it’s not me.