Theme – Fireworks and Bonfire Night

Now that Halloween has officially passed perhaps it is time to make a few slight adjustments to your theme and quickly create something for Bonfire Night. Using one of the pieces from the Me, Myself & MRI exhibition that we have here at Knaresborough Technology Park, I made a few modifications to celebrate Bonfire Night.

By searching for a few fireworks and bonfire images, using the method in the previous DIY theme post, I was able to put together a few scenes that are triggered every time somebody walks past the screen.
I also put together a simple backing track using a free piece of software called Audacity. First, I added the fire sound from our sample library (C:\Apollo Ensemble\Sounds\Natural World) and duplicated it several times, back-to-back, until my sound was a couple of minutes long. I then browsed for a few extra sounds that would spice up my backing track, and added them to new channels at various points along the two minutes of my fire sound.

To get this file into Ensemble Designer we need to export the file as a WAV file, there is an option to do just this from the File menu.

All my quick Bonfire Night theme needed now was a video or two. These aren’t easy to come by for free so I went to a website called ‘iStockPhoto‘ where there are thousands of images and videos that can be bought for a low price. They also release free files every month that you can keep forever so it’s definitely worth signing up and having a look.

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