Theme – Halloween: Adding images

Let’s get back to Halloween shall we? Following on from the Halloween sounds that we wrote about in a previous post, now we will be looking for spooky and ghoulish images!
Images and pictures are much easier to find on the internet and I would suggest that you needn’t look any further than the image search function of a search engine. Try using Google to search for images using the keyword ‘Halloween’. To find only copyright free images just select ‘Advanced Search’ below the Search button and change the Usage Rights to ‘Labelled for reuse’. This will then only show copyright free images. By doing this you can quickly find the type of pictures you are after all from one place.

Another source for paid images is iStockphoto. They have a great selection of seasonal images that you can buy for a small fee: iStock Halloween Images. They also do a free image of the week, so it’s worth checking back across the year for images and videos to add to your library.

One idea is to have a background image of a haunted house displayed at all times while you add other images on top by using switches or sensors. To have a background image you will need to use the ‘default’ option on the Image and Video block. Drag an Image and Video block onto the map and load in your haunted house background. Before closing the scene editor dialog, notice the checkbox next to each scene, this is what we call the ‘default’ option. If this is checked the corresponding scene will only be shown when the block ISN’T being triggered, so if we never trigger the block then the haunted house will always be shown.


Now drag another Image and Video block onto the map and add any images or videos that you want to trigger over the top of the background image, such as a ghost. Set your effects and any other settings, and connect a switch or sensor to trigger the block. By using a separate block to trigger the rest of the images and videos it won’t interfere with the default image of the other block.

Now press Play, trigger your image or video and hopefully you should be seeing something like this!

Now we’ve tackled Halloween images, next week we will be looking at how you can completely theme your space with decorations to really create a spooky environment.
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