Theme – Halloween: Decorations

We’ve already looked at where you can find Halloween sounds and images in previous posts, and now it’s time to have a look at how you can theme your Halloween area decorations. Sadly, whereas we have previously found sounds and images for free, decorations naturally come with a cost. There are however many companies all producing decorations for Halloween so prices can be quite low.
Supermarkets are often a great place to start, with this page on the Wilkinsons website being an example, and many deals can be found in store. Despite leaving the highstreet, Woolworths are still running online and have many things for Halloween including costumes, props, tableware and decorations.
A great alternative to dry ice is to use a ‘Mist Maker’, small devices that are placed in water and vibrate at high speed. The vibrations from the Mist Maker turn water into water vapour, a much safer way to create a mist or fog. We’ve used Mist Makers in a few projects in the past, including the Halloween sensory area at Creepy Crawlies in York (photos available on our support website). Mist Makers can be found in many online stores, including the Woolworths page we pointed to earlier, but also from MistMakers UK.
A novel idea on the website is to use ‘Scene Setters’. These act as a cross between wallpaper and wall stickers and allow you to completely transform a plain room with an elaborate backdrop that can be easily peeled off after your Halloween event has finished.
The best advice that I can really give as far as decorations are concerned is to be creative. There is no set rule to creating a scary space, you just have to use your imagination.
Hopefully this DIY Halloween theme series has been helpful and will give you some ideas that you can use in your own room. Keep checking back in the run up to Christmas as we will be sharing more ideas for your own Santas grotto! If you’ve used any of these tips in your Halloween theme we would love to see the pictures, simply head over to our support website and upload your pictures there!
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