Scarborough Student Feedback

The project with Scarborough students at the Rotunda was completed in November, since then they have gone on to work on other projects. It was therefore nice to see some feedback on the University of Hull website, backing up the project objectives originally devised my myself and Rob MacKay.

“Charmed assignment very enjoyable – a real life brief so felt the pressure of getting it right and great to have feedback from Jan and Mark and others from Museum as get a feel for what to expect in work environment.”

“I enjoyed the first assignment as it was a real life brief to which we had to respond. The subject matter was unusual and interesting and the scope for creativity was great.I enjoyed working with the people in our group. We worked well together which is important for creating a successful outcome. I particularly liked the feedback from Jan from the Museum Trust & Mark Hildred during the design process, as they were real industry experience comments which were really helpful.” 

“The Rotunda Museum Project was so far one of the best experiences ever in my life! Never knew I could learn so much in so little time. Time spent on this project is simply invaluable! Hope to do some more similar projects in the near future.” 

I hope that next years students enjoy it as much!